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Uncertainties driving the markets

Originally published on RGJ ‘s website, http://www.rgj.com/story/money/business/2015/03/20/uncertainties-driving-markets/25113763/

The financial markets have been focused on three uncertainties: the strong and rising value of the dollar vis a vis other currencies, weakening U.S. economic indicators, and the timing and magnitude of Fed policy actions. All this with a background of the ongoing Greek tragedy and continued political strife and terrorism worries. Volatility has resulted.

The Strong Dollar

The rising value of the dollar impacts the reported profits of multinational corporations as they translate their foreign exchange into U.S. dollars, because the foreign earnings translate into fewer dollars. Normally, a gradually strengthening currency can be managed if the growth rate in the company’ s business exceeds the growth in the value of the currency. However, when the currency

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