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October 2009

Too Talented To Fail

If we don’t grant egregious pay packages, we’ll lose the talent!! Wall Street is at it again.  The too big to fail have become “too bigger” to fail, and compensation has run wild with taxpayer backing.  Obama’s pay Czar is on the case, and promises to reduce big payouts, but only at a few headline companies.  Why should practically insolvent, government saved businesses continue to pay out millions, even as the …Read More

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick – the Sound of Four Newly Planted Economic Time Bombs

Current monetary, fiscal, and government policies toward business in general, have planted “time bombs” in the economic fabric that will surely cause additional economic pain in the future. The National Debt The most significant “time bomb” is the ballooning national debt. Nine years ago, the national debt was $5.7 trillion; today, it is approaching $12 trillion.  In 1981, the ratio of debt to GDP was 32%.  At the end of …Read More