QE2: More Harm Than Good

With voters up in arms about unconscionable federal and state deficits and likely to change the ability of the federal government to add even more “stimulus” in the next Congress, all eyes are now on the Federal Reserve (Fed).  QE2 (Quantitative Easing 2 – government speak for money printing) has been promised by various Fed […]

Fool’s Gold 3: The Empire Strikes Deals

On October 8, 2010 California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a compromise budget that closed the $19 billion dollar state budget shortfall, 100 days overdue.  Three days later, Ron Diedrich, acting director of the California Department of General Services, proclaimed he had completed a deal to sell 24 government buildings to a consortium called California First, […]

Job Creation: It takes the Right Environment

Job creation is probably the most important issue in the November elections.  What policies should be implemented to insure the creation of jobs? Most folks don’t understand how or why we got to the high rates of unemployment.  But, only with that understanding, an understanding of what happened in the competitive economic environment that has […]