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February 2012

Debunking the Warren Buffett Tax Deception

It is an election year, so the media makes a big deal out of Warren Buffett’s assertion that the tax system unfairly taxes his supposedly “working class” secretary at 33% (we’ve also seen 34% and 35.8%), while he only pays 13.7% (we’ve also seen 17.4%) on the millions that he makes. The political implication is that he, and others like him, such as GOP hopeful Mitt Romney, somehow aren’t paying …Read More

Avoiding The Austerity Death Spiral

Over the past four years, the slow creep of government into the private sector has become a gallop.  Unfortunately, a high level of structural unemployment is the unintended consequence of social engineering, picking winners, over-taxing and over-regulating every aspect of the business process. The conventional wisdom is that a balanced budget will be a magic solution to the sluggish economy and the employment situation, but if it is done with …Read More