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August 2012

Today’s market not driven by fundamentals – so be careful

The Past The stock market always has been considered a “leading” They are “administered” by central banks (the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Peoples’ Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, etc.), which set and manipulate the rates. When interest rates are determined by other than market forces, you can be assured that scarce resources are inefficiently allocated. We need only look to the long period of administered artificially …Read More

Equities: Is a bear market inevitable in this economy?

All of the data and the trends in the data indicate that it is possible that a recession might already have begun. • Job creation has been dismal in the second quarter, with little hope for improvement soon; jobless claims are, once again, on the rise. • Retail sales have fallen three months in a row; this has never occurred without an ensuing recession. What is of greater concern is …Read More