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June 2013

Domestic and Foreign Events Are Tying the Fed’s Hands

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Despite apparent emerging strength in the U.S. economy, the Fed is faced with serious consequences, if it moves toward a reduction of policy ease. Those consequences include: • A potential violent market reaction;            • the quashing of the nascent private sector animal spirits;            • the short-term negative consequences of a stronger dollar on imports and exports; and            • the long-term issues of the size and cost of the …Read More

Taking in those ‘ah-ha’ moments, then and now

Everyone has “ah-ha” moments, when something that was murky in one’s mind becomes crystal clear. It could be about a relationship or a career changing event. When such moments occur, things are never the same. Recent ‘ah-ha’ moments In the first few years of this century, when home prices were rapidly rising, few recognized that the trend couldn’t last unless either incomes kept up with prices or interest rates continued …Read More

The age-old challenge: Buy low or sell high?

Buy low; sell high. Sounds simple, but easier said than done. Because of “fear,” when assets are “on sale,” few investors buy, thinking that asset prices can still go lower. It is a fact that only a handful of investors actually buy at the low or sell at the high. The odds of you being one of them are quite remote. In the end, one has to have confidence in …Read More