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September 2015

The Fed — deer in the headlights?

When they walked into the meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 16, it is likely that the FOMC members (Federal Open Market Committee, the rate-setting committee of the Fed) did not know the interest rate decision they would make on Thursday. We had Jeff Lacker (Richmond Fed), Dennis Lockhart (Atlanta Fed), and John C. Williams (SF Fed) all saying recently that they thought that interest rates should rise before year end. You …Read More

Lesson learned – China’s impact on U.S. minimal

We’ve seen three weeks of extreme equity market volatility, much of which has been blamed on China as it is feared that slower growth there will derail U.S. growth. As it turns out, recent numbers on the U.S. domestic economy show notable strength and growth. There were probably other really good reasons the market corrected by 11.2 percent (S&P 500 closing values Aug. 17 to Aug. 25), including market valuation levels and the fact that …Read More