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February 2016

The logic behind Wall Street’s recession fears

To the logical investor, and to most economists, Wall Street’s fear of a U.S. recession appears irrational. Is it? While there is no current evidence that the U.S. has entered a recession, or even that one is approaching, there have been two instances in modern history where the financial markets have precipitated a recession; 1929 and 2001. The negative feedback loop Summed up, the logic is that a bear market …Read More

OPEC’s lunacy behind market’s volatility

Market volatility was present throughout January with no calming so far in February. We saw a 565-point intraday slide on the Dow on Jan. 20; then a few days later, the market closed up nearly 400 points! As February began, the Dow gave back most of that 400-point gain only to regain nearly half of it last Wednesday after another rollercoaster ride (376 intraday points). On Friday, the jobs report …Read More

Stock Market Showdown: Facebook Stock Vs. Apple Stock

Here’s the bottom line, so far as many market mavens are concerned: Facebook (ticker: FB) continues to prove its social net worth, while Apple (APPL) is a victim of its own success. The stock picture emerges crisper than a retina display in the light of last week’s quarterly earnings reports for the end of 2015. Bolstered by a surge in mobile ad sales, Facebook posted earnings of 79 cents a …Read More