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Universal Value Advisors Privately Managed Asset Service

Universal Value Advisors is a boutique registered investment advisory firm. The Universal Value Advisors’ Managed Account Program is designed for clients who want to be more than just another number at one of Wall Street’s mega institutions. Accounts are managed according to that client’s specific objectives. Clients receive personalized attention and benefits, including direct access to Universal Value Advisors Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts, and a competitive fee structure with no hidden charges.

The primary service offered by Universal Value Advisors is Investment Advice. Each client has a unique plan developed in conjunction with the Universal Value Advisors professional. Because each plan is unique and requires significant attention, Universal Value Advisors cannot mass market, and requires a minimum investment level or a referral from an existing client.

Universal Value Advisors fees are significantly lower than larger advisory services on an all in basis. They are charged quarterly in advance based upon the value of the account at the end of each calendar quarter. Universal Value Advisors takes no fees from mutual or other funds (12b-1 fees) or from managers in return for client asset investments, as the firm considers this a conflict or potential conflict of interest.  In addition, Universal Value Advisors strives to keep transaction costs on client accounts to those found at many discount brokerage entities.  No mark-up is taken on transactions (i.e., the client pays the cost negotiated by Universal Value Advisors).

Client portfolios are managed with principle protection in mind with the primary objective as the reduction of volatility and the production of positive returns.

Universal Value Advisors managed account offerings include various equity, income, and balanced (combination of equity and income) strategies, and some alternative investments.