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Measuring inflation is inexact, biased process

I have written extensively about how “official” inflation is dramatically biased. I have often quoted figures published by economist John Williams (Shadowstats.com) that indicate how the CPI would be significantly higher if the 1980 computation methodology were used. To further this argument, Ed Butowsky (Chapwood Investments, Dallas), has created an alternative Consumer Price Index (CPI). On a semiannual basis, for America’s 50 largest cities, the Chapwood Index measures the change …Read More

This is not your father’s Fed

First published at RGJ.com http://www.rgj.com/story/money/business/2014/05/30/robert-barone-fathers-fed/9728075/ The tools available to monetary policy have large impacts and affect wide swaths of the financial terrain. This has always been acknowledged in the financial community, and, as a result, monetary policy has not been used to target social issues. Until now. Labor markets Fed Chairwoman Yellen has made it clear that she wants to see a reduction in what she has termed “disadvantaged workers,” …Read More