Future State

It took twenty years of over-consumption and living beyond their incomes for Americans to get to their current economic state; the elected officials in Washington, D.C., continue to hunt for a quick fix, one that just doesn’t exist.  Meanwhile, the economy keeps on lurching, and, at the same time, morphing into what it will look […]

They Call This Financial Reform!

While the financial reform bill passed and will soon be the law, it is hard to comment on any specifics because the real laws have yet to be written.  Normally, when Congress passes new legislation, it is pretty specific in its intent, and Congress leaves it up to those who must enforce the laws to […]


The words “Maiden Lane” evoke two completely different reactions when they are spoken at family get-togethers, like July 4th:  1) Great joy and excitement on the part of the female family members imagining a shopping spree at San Francisco’s famous Union Square where a street named “Maiden Lane” sports several high end boutiques; 2) Disgust […]

Prepare for Bargains

The bond market knows it.  The equity markets now appear to have an inkling, but haven’t quite digested all the facts.  I am talking about the almost certain economic growth slowdown or the high and rising probability of a double dip (the economy falling back into recession).  The last time we had a growth slowdown […]