Borrow money? ‘No thanks,’ say consumers

Highlights Three-quarters of  Americans are not inclined to take on debt right now. The Federal Reserve  announcement to keep rates low to 2015 may have dampened borrowing. Uncertainty is  affecting consumer confidence, which impacts borrowing. Financial  Security Index Charts » Borrow Money? No Thanks, Say Consumers The Federal Reserve’s latest declaration to keep interest rates […]

Why Jack Welch Has A Point About Unemployment Numbers

When the September employment data were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), depending on political persuasion, the news was either excellent or it was a sham. We saw reactions like those former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who tweeted a suggestion of manipulation. On the other hand, the Obama administration has made political […]

If you want to build client loyalty, you must get personal

Business is personal. There is no way around it. In a world where consumers and clients have seemingly unlimited options, they choose — and become loyal to — products and services that mean something to them personally. Personal connections are not — and should never be treated as — a business ploy. Instead, they must […]