The January Barometer, other seasonal indicators

Originally published in Tahoe Daily Tribune’s website: The term “January Barometer” is just one of the many stock market phrases investors hear in the financial media. It’s important to understand how these types of indicators work and if there’s any real validity to them. I’d suggest being very cautious about using any seasonal tendencies […]

There are pros, cons to lower oil prices

Originally published on Tahoe Daily Tribune At the recent FOMC meeting, Janet Yellen stated that the Fed does not expect to start raising interest rates for at least the next couple of meetings. The Fed has its next meetings scheduled in January and March of 2015. One of the main factors she cited in […]

Outlook for 2015: First Half U.S. Growth Accelerates

            In 2013’s end of year missive, we commented that 2014 would be an up-beat year for the U.S. economy, and it looked like that could last through 2015. Now, as we near the last days of 2014, we see an even stronger underlying economy for 2015 and believe that it will last through 2016 […]

How to plan for college tuition

Originally published on One of the variables that makes long-term financial planning difficult is estimating inflation. This is true for planning for retirement or a child or grandchild’s college education. Inflation, as measured by the consumer-price index has been relatively tame in recent years. However, when planning ahead for specific expenditures you have […]

It’s time again to talk about year-end tax selling

Originally published on Tahoe Daily Tribune As the year comes to a close, many investors may be thinking about rebalancing their portfolios or taking some profits or losses for tax purposes. If you have assets in a taxable account and are considering doing some buying or selling before the year ends, you should be […]

How inflation may force millennials to reconsider risk

Originally published on Millennials are people born after 1980. I’ve seen sources that give differing dates, but I think being born between about 1980 and 2000 qualifies you as a millennial. Pew Research has done some interesting polling and found that millennials grew up with technology, like video games, send lots of text […]