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Discover a value investing model driven by quantitative analysis and macro-economic trends combined with global market driving forces.


Enjoy personalized service from a boutique investment firm driven by macroeconomic trends and quantitative investment data.


Invest in Universal Value Advisors’ Recommended Fixed Income ETF at Reduced Fees.

UVA Value Dividend ETF

Invest in Universal Value Advisors’ Value Dividend ETF.

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At Universal Value Advisors, we believe wealth is not just about making money.
It’s about having trusted resources to create a life well lived.

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Because our major source of income is our low management fee, it’s only when your assets rise that our income grows.


We use Benjamin Graham’s “Margin of Safety” to pinpoint the intrinsic value of a particular business. This allows us to invest at a discount to the intrinsic estimated value.


All investment decisions are made in-house. We take responsibility for the performance of our clients’ portfolio according to our established risk and return characteristics.


We do not chase market indexes, and we preserve our clients’ capital by producing consistent positive returns with subdued volatility in portfolio values.


When we perceive over-valued companies, we pair such positions in our client portfolios. This distinguishes our approach to investing from a “Buy and Hold” philosophy.


Each investment is examined in detail to obtain a substantial “Margin of Safety” using balance sheets, low debt levels and competitive advances among other metrics.


We are constantly attuned to market conditions and invest according to the fundamentals, even contrary to the market’s mood of the moment.

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