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A Value Investing Model Driven by Quantitative Analysis and Macroeconomic Trends

Universal Value Advisors’ investment philosophy starts with a deep understanding of macroeconomic trends and the complex driving forces in the global marketplace, which helps the firm set geographic, industry and sector parameters for investing. Universal Value Advisors then uses a proprietary algorithm to sift through quantitative investment data and pinpoint the most undervalued investment opportunities in the market. The firm’s data-driven approach is combined with individual analysis from Universal Value Advisor’s research analysts and portfolio managers who assess each investment opportunity, investigating everything from a company’s management structure to new product lines, cash flow projections, debt levels and industry trends. Universal Value Advisors subscribes to a modified Graham and Dodd approach to investing that targets value in the market, analyzing not only what companies to invest in, but what price to pay. Investment research and strategy is led by Universal Value Advisors’ co-founders Dr. Robert Barone, an economist and former bank CEO who holds a Ph.D in economics from Georgetown, and Joshua Barone, a former mergers and acquisitions analyst and co-founder of Adagio Trust Company.

Universal Value Advisors is a boutique investment firm driven by an analysis of macroeconomic trends and quantitative investment data. The firm delivers personalized service from expert research analysts and portfolio managers, and offers a transparent and affordable fee structure. Universal Value Advisors meticulously analyzes the market from both a top-down macroeconomic perspective and a bottom-up quantitative approach. The macroeconomic analysis sifts through data on the large driving forces in the global economy, targeting the trends that drive geographic, industry and sector growth and therefore investment performance. The quantitative investment approach uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze individual companies within the identified areas, targeting the companies with the highest growth potential, the strongest performance and the most undervalued pricing. The final piece of the Universal Value Advisor’s investment process is an in-depth analysis of qualified investment opportunities by the firm’s research analysts and portfolio managers. They dig into the data behind each company, examining management structure, research and development operations, debt levels, industry trends and performance history. The outcome is an investment decision that has been thoroughly analyzed and dissected, at a price that is affordable and transparent for the investor. Universal Value Advisors customizes and personalizes the process for each investor with a focus on their investment objectives.

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Universal Value Advisors' Privately Managed Asset Service

A Competitive, Transparent and Affordable Fee Structure

Universal Value Advisors offers a competitive fee structure with no hidden charges. Our fees are significantly lower than larger advisory services on an all-in basis. They are charged quarterly in advance based upon the value of the account at the end of each calendar quarter. Universal Value Advisors takes no fees from mutual or other funds (12b-1 fees) or from managers in return for client asset investments, as the firm considers this a conflict or potential conflict of interest. In addition, Universal Value Advisors strives to keep transaction costs on client accounts to those found at many discount brokerage entities. No mark-up is taken on transactions (i.e., the client pays the cost negotiated by Universal Value Advisors). Client portfolios are managed with principle protection in mind with the primary objective being the reduction of volatility and the production of positive returns. Universal Value Advisors managed account offerings include various equity, income, and balanced (combination of equity and income) strategies, and some alternative investments.

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